Fiveolous Celebration

Today's itinerary includes island hopping on South Sand Bar and snorkeling in the famous Olango Island.

Call time for the group was 6AM so we can head early to Marigondon Port where our rented boat, courtesy of AquaPhil, is waiting. Instead of preparing food for our meals for this trip, we decided to buy fastfood and hanging rice aka "puso" and lechon and some junk foods for snacks. Take note,don't forget to pack some water too to keep you hydrated when going for island hopping as your destination might not have available water for sale. As for us, we brought soft drinks & a galloon of water, just enough for the 6 of us.

We arrived at the port around 7:30am so we immediately headed for South Sand Bar. This tiny little sandbar, according to google, is part of Bohol already that is why travel time usually takes over an hour. Don't expect some snorkeling and the likes though as the place is ideal for a little swim-here-and-there, but picturesque enough to feed on …

Cebu Venues for Team Buildings

It's summer. We all have this idea to refresh, but still not going so far from home. Company outings or team building is also in the now. This blog features some of many options to do summer themed events in the heart of Cebu City. 
Skywaterpark, sits on the 6th floor of JCentre Mall offers a spectacular and overlooking view of the city. 

Montebello, just behind Gaisano Country Mall in Banilad is also close to IT Park. 

Work life balance in ACN

Accenture Technology Cebu Sportsfest 2017 Volleyball, Bowling and Badminton games already started. Officially, the annual event will be launched during the RUN to the New on April 23 in IT Park, with 3K and 5K run, 1:10 Zumba Challenge and Boodle Fight. Yes! Food! 

Here are the moments of this week's games. 

Wunder Carpool wonders.

Wunder Carpool joins app-based Uber and Grab in transporting people from one place to the other. As one of those car owners who didn't able to register my car as either Grab or Uber due to car age, I immediately saw the possibility of earning or sharing empty seats with Wunder passengers.
As driver, you will be able to set your travel routine. Similarly, you can also change the time per day, provided it's not within the "flexibility" to the previous set time. 
Per day, you can accept passengers. On the latest update, UI looks like this. You can also chat or call the passenger before accepting, which offers a lot of interaction points. People in this list though have the same time departure to work or home within flexibility time set. 
From Talisay to Cebu City, Wunder sets the sharing fee to P80.00-90.00, way cheaper compared to normal taxi. If you have 4 pax, driver can have as much as Php320. 
Carpooling without cash thru Wunder wallet is also introduced. Haven't t…

Island Hopping Cebu

I'm proud of Cebu and I'm in WOW of what even it can offer when we visited Hilutungan Sanctuary. I'm amazed we have such a rich marine resources, as per our foreign guest, it's like Aquarium.
We started our voyage in the port near Mactan Newtown, just beside Portofino beach resort. I can say that port, as the main tourist jumpoff before the pretty marine life should be improved. I can see plastics and trash anywhere, parking lot is not organized either.  We contacted one boat for P3,500 on that same day, just hours before the actual voyage. The boat was spacious and there's comfort room. Latter was ew though as afer you flashed the toilet, everything will go directly to the open sea. :( 
20-30 minutes in, and we arrived. Without second thoughts, we took our snorkeling gears and swam with the fishes. Big, small, colored or not, fishes are beautiful to see when they come in together. Korean guests nearby also had a good time taking their groupies with the fishes. At …

Adventure Cafe Cebu

Need a break from traffic? City pollution? Noise? You don't need to go elsewhere. Bantayan Island in the North, Moalboal or Sumilon in the South, and probably the Mactan beaches are the top choices.  This weekend, we finally take on the transcentral highway and this is the first time I drove passing corner sister cities drive.

Adventure Cafe, just kilometers before the West 35 stopped us from driving further. Its outside facade is enticing and peers' recommendations seems enough.
On our way to Adventure Cafe, we stopped by group of vendors selling the ever-famous cooked corn. We bought 3 large corn for P50.00, affordable right?

We can feel the fresh cold air fronting this beautiful green scenery. This may bring us adventure but food kept us on our seats. She ordered a full meal, as usual and I had burger. Price is pretty steep but we didn't mind as the scene bring a lot of relaxation. Aside from the zipline, you can also enjoy airing out your frustrations by breaking plat…

Bluewaters Maribago is Cebu's best

Looking for a place to hold your teambuildings? Look no further, Maribago Bluewaters offered just the perfect weekend for us this weekend.
Surrounded by the other beautiful beach resorts in the Mactan, Maribago still competes and remains to be one of the top destinations. 20km away from the heart of Cebu City, this place is a perfect summer get away as well for family and your friends. With 3 swimming pools, private island and white sand beach, being here is surely a treat.

They have rooms as well for your corporate leadership trainings, coupled with the sumptuous buffet. Dinner on beach side is perfect for romantic or group dates. Add some jam sessions and it will definitely be a night to remember.