Speech Choir

With our practice ended just this afternoon, I'm not still convinced that our group will be the best group for the coming presentation this coming Friday, September 11,2009 at the Speech Laboratory at Cebu Institute of Technology, N. Bacalso Avenue, Cebu city.

The title of the poem that we are going to present is Queer Language and it's truly describing the poem because aside from considering it as a poem, it is also a sort of tongue twister.

More or less, we still able to familiarize the lines. We decided to have our practice tomorrow starting from 3:00pm. Hoping that we can finished it tomorrow with choreography.

Members of the group:

  1. Stephanie Suerte
  2. Shallimar
  3. Virgie Pagunsan
  4. Ronnell Padillo
  5. Aubrey Patrice Serafin
  6. Joy Jensen Rabaya
  7. Andro Sumabong
  8. Govhardan Requirme
  9. Mark Nhevin Soterol
God bless and more power!


  1. grabe pagka murder. :( . . "govardhan requierme"


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