19 years old, I can survive!

I'm 19 years old now. Another great year has ended, adding up to the previous 18 I had. To start, I would like to thank my self for always believing in me. Second, to my family who gives me shelter, food, clothing, etc. We may not have close family ties but the fact that we love each other matters most. 

To my Talisay City Science High School family, i hope there will still be room for me there. I hope you'll continue to produce responsible and kind-hearted students. More power!

To my Cebu Institute of Technology family, more years to go with you together. I hope I can pass your standards. Please let me pass, IT rocks my world. Hello world! And to the different organizations I am in now, expect a more gentle me.Computer Students' Society, CIT-SSG,  I know my purpose and I will forever trust and commit myself in doing it BEST.

People helping people, that's how we call SM FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP. To Mr. Henry Sy and Family, thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of your prestigious SM! I promised not to break you. Expect I'm doing the best just to make you proud and myself as well.

And, to HIM. He knows me, from the air I breathed 19 years ago up to now. No information He can't know! He's our Master. Please save me.

I'm not a person of extraordinary talents. I'm just Ronnell Padillo who continues to wish and wish and wish and I'm gonna take this moment to wish for more, best wishes for me. Happy birthday. God bless us all Filipinos.


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