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Intosan Resort is located in Danao City which is approximately an hour drive from Cebu City. Intosan Resort is a very relaxing place built with magnificent view perfect for your party, conferences, receptions, family gatherings and homecomings. 
I had my visit there when the University of the Visayas Civil Engineering Batch 88 had their Christmas Get-Together. It is indeed a successful idea because they chose just a perfect place to hold their gathering - Intosan Resort, Taboc, Danao City. 

My Way to Intosan Resort

I started my voyage to Intosan at SM City Cebu, another landmark of Cebu City. I rode a public utility jeepney that time because V-Hire parking at SM City Cebu still has to wait to have maximum number of passengers. SM to Danao Terminal costs P25.00. From Danao Terminal, I rode a public tricycle. They have different architecture of tricycle. There must be 7 passengers for the driver to start the
engine. I asked the driver: Why not start driving when number of passengers is below 7. He answered: Mahal kaayo ang terminal fee dong. Humble as he was, I remained silent and just diverted my attention to the name of the streets - Jose Rizal, Bonifacio, Mabini, S.Duterte, Beatriz Durano and the like. That trip costs me P7.00. 

Intosan Resort 

Like any other resort, they have a very entertaining and accommodating front desk staffs. I paid the entrance fee of P120.00. On my way towards Room D where my family is staying, Intosan also has this spirit of silence. And I love it. Everything is in order. 

Water Park and Family Fun Village

I consider this place the best place Intosan has. It is indeed a water park and the whole family will really have fun to be here. It has large sculptures of whale, turtle, duck and turtles. You have also mushrooms all around the park.  Their pools are very friendly to everyone because its depths only ranges from 2ft to 4ft.  In the square-shaped pool is the giant sliding area elevated more or less 10 ft from the pool. Surrounding this place are the rooms. These are named accordingly and rates range from P1000 - P1600. For complete list of room names and rates, see Intosan Resort Room Names and Rates. They have also tented area where conferences, parties and the like can be reserved. Cottages are also cheap. They only cost from P300-P500, depending on the number of people. 

Hotels and Rooms

Intosan Resort also provides clean and private rooms. Check in time is 2:00 PM and check out time the day after is 12:00 NOON. Extra person in the room pay P120.00 but no more entrance to  the Water Park and Family Fun  Village. House guests can use all amenities and are given temporarily a free table until the room is ready. 

With aircon,cable tv, one double and two single beds
Room KP1400
Room LP1400
Room MP1400
Room OP1400
With aircon,cable tv and eight single beds
With aircon,cable tv and five single beds
With aircon,cable tv and four single beds
Room FP1200
With aircon,cable tv and one double bed and one single bed
Room GP1200
Room HP1200
With aircon,cable tv and one double bed and two single beds with bath tub
Engkargado SuiteP1400
With aircon,cable tv, refrigerator, 2 comfort rooms, two double beds and eight single beds (Water Park and rate is good for twelve persons)
Haciendero SuiteP4500
With aircon,cable tv and three beds
With aircon,cable tv and two beds
With aircon,cable tv and three beds
With aircon,cable tv and four beds
Tira -TiraP1000


  1. is there any room for 2 persons that is affordable?

  2. I think the Room Rates stipulated above are the list of room that guest/s can have. Only P1000 minimum good for two. With aircon, tv and two beds. :)

  3. how much is the entrance about the cottage.aside from the rooms?

  4. Hi, i would just like to ask na if ever mo avail mi anang tag1,300 na room ba,. Then mga 8-10 mi kabook. pila amo ma bayran ana? same? or naai add.on?

  5. I guess i missed this place when I was in Cebu. I've just returned to Canada.
    As I'm planning to return to Cebu in June, I'll like to come to Intosan Resort.
    What's the rate for a single room with 1 bed? I love Cebu, by the way.

    Shoot me a reply

  6. gud pm...askd lng if ok raba 1day used only? whats the rate for a single room with 1 bed?

  7. Hi! Check in time is 2:00PM and chcek out time is 12NN the following day.

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