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In preparation for 2011 activities, I decided to register a domain through Blogger. My sincerest thanks to everyone who inspired me to write and read for more blogs in the Philippines. It's not just blogging. It's passion, it is character and excellence. As, I will continue to give quality posts and from the heart. Let this be a good start for everything. Bangon Kabataan Pinoy! 

Thank you so much! 


  1. congratz Ronnell! next: self-hosted WordPress blog! hihihi. :P

  2. Yes, thinking of that also. Will still study about it. Little by little we can conquer the world. :)

  3. amazing lagi nang imu President dha!!!hehehehe. . .
    confusing hap!!!asa man nah pasabot???hehehehhe!!!
    having high hopes nell!!godbless!!!!
    read beyond my lines for you to understand. . .whehehhe

  4. foresight or oversight?


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