Ateneo National Environmental Conference

As early as 6AM, I'm awake for my 5J 560 flight. Scheduled originally at 6:30AM, the change of the schedule gave me a relief. Thanks CEBU PACIFIC, 8:15AM will never be a hassle to everyone. I will always be flying with you. From my home town Talisay City, I rode a tricycle going to Tabunok Public Market. From there, I, together with my little baggage, a laptop and a Habagat bag travelled towards Barangay Pardo, Cebu City. There I waited for a taxi and fortunately have one in not more than how many minutes. 

The only thing that I noticed in the taxi was the rate. It was the first time that change of meter went that fast. I mean, it's not really normal and I can't blame myself that I took a stopwatch and observe keenly the meter. Sometimes, it differences 20 seconds and sometimes more than a minute. That's why I asked myself, where will this meter be basing? In my curiosity, I didn't bother to ask. Seriously, where will the meter be basing? distance traveled? traveling time? speed? where? Good thing the taxi is not yet calibrated to have flag down rate of P40.00 or else, I'll pay my whole allowance to him. Haha.

It's my second time to travel by air and I still chose Cebu Pacific for its customer-friendly website and policies. To find out, visit their site at I love the trip because I was able to witness from above the clouds which I used to see through looking up. Cabin crews will always be a factor. Not because of their beauty only but the way they accommodate and welcome the guests. Just like any other trips, i have this byahelo mode. Generally, I enjoyed the trip. Thanks Cebu Pacific.

Good news! I just set my first foot in NAIA. I was amazed with their facilities. I can really say that it is INTERNATIONAL. NAIA got me. From buildings, facilities, security, governance and all. Well, it's my first time to be there and all I can say is BEST. It will be worthy of my terminal fee. :)

With all honesty, this is the first place I want to visit because I am a scholar of SM FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP, INC. By this, at least I will be ready with my next visit when I graduate from college. Wireless Fidelity satisfied me and SM got it all for you. Ice Skating Rink also caught my attention. This is where I spent my time and surfed the net. Will be happy to be back there with special someone. Haha.

And finally, we are here at ATENEO DE MANILA UNIVERSITY. The conference really opened up new ideas into my system and that's to make the ENVIRONMENT a top priority. We are all affected by environment and that's something we should take care of. In the conference we are introduced in several "green" terms. Speakers were really that knowledgeable about their topics. We also had group sharing and we all saluted to the degree of concern that other participants shared towards his/her environment. We were also fortunate that we met Mrs. Lopez to talk about the NO TO MINING IN PALAWAN campaign.

Really, a lot of learnings I have to say. As in, it's all rumbling up in my mind. One thing is for sure that we have applied what we have learned and we are ready to share it with other fellow students in CIT and Cebu.

In the last day, I enjoyed visiting the booths of NGO that prioritizes the Environment. Hoping to be connected with one of those organizations that really has the heart and the hands in advocating for Mother Earth. We also had the resolution entitled the GREENING THE MAROON AND GOLD and we are looking forward for Technologians to be part of it. It's an echo program of the ANECON.

For now, that would be all. Thanks for reading. All messed up article. hihi.


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