Choose wellness

After a stressful week of school and activities, I welcomed my weekend  with a gift for my body. It's not delicious foods nor artificial refreshments. It's the only thing I want to do when I found my body "lugmok sa kahirapan," and that's to exercise. 

As early as 4:30AM, I'm awake for my scheduled jog there at  the Cebu City Sports Complex. As I looked back at my calendar, next week will be what they called HELL WEEK. As of the time, others may choose to study in advance but for me, exercise is the best thing to do to start another day of stressful activities. I'm so amazed that there are a lot of people were there. As I observe, majority of them are in their senior stage. At the back of my mind, I thought of "I must continue to be physically fit while I'm still young so that I will never have problem with my body 10-20 years from now."

To all busy people out there , you must not stop taking care of yourself specifically the physical self. Our brain might be that active to tell us to work and work and work but we have also to consider our body, our one and only body  to do the heavy works at home, school, workplace and outside world. I' m just to proud that up to this time, I never tried smoking and will promise to the world that I will not smoke. I  was never drunk because I never entangled myself in INUMAN and whatsoever. 

For my personal physical development, please advise me on the following:
1. No breakfast
2. Sleep deprivation

Let's choose wellness. 


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