What inspires you as a Leader?

We can’t ignore the fact that our country needs great transformation not only in economical aspects but more on the intellectual and spiritual aspect of the Filipinos. As a young Filipino leader, it has been my desire to inculcate in the young minds of Filipinos to act in a way that our country can consider us an asset – an asset that can assure our future generations to be in a better way compared on what we have today.

First, our environment needs our help. I mean, we need help from ourselves. Let us all admit that nature offers great opportunities and raw materials for us to enjoy more our materialistic life on Earth. From the air we breathe down to the luxurious car that we drive, we are all attorneys that will greatly defend our Earth from dying. But, some of us forget the profession that life gave to us. Instead of being an attorney of Mother Earth, they became more of an attorney of selfishness and worldliness. “They make our children doctors, attorneys and they give us gold but they take away our mountains, our homes,” cried by a tribe leader after seeing their Palawan mountains mined and left by irresponsible mining companies.  

From the mountains down to the city streets, we have our own stories to tell. We are not part of the Philippines, the Philippines is part of us. Let us do our part vigorously.

It’s just so comfortable walking in the streets without seeing any homeless families out there, children either selling stuffs or loitering, with one thing in mind: I want to satisfy my basic needs. Worst comes to worst, they even engage themselves in gangs, robbery and prostitution. We don’t want this to happen in the future generations, let us all be patriot in alleviating the problems of our society.

Let us all stand together and act creatively. We are still young; we do have a lot of chances to grab. And let this be one of the many chances that we shall take – help our community bloom and build a brighter Philippines


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