11th Melaka International Youth Dialogue

The World Assembly of Youth in collaboration with the Melaka State Government, Malaysian Youth Council, Asian Youth Council and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, (Malaysia), shall be organizing the MIYD with the aim of bringing together young people and youth leaders from around the world to discuss relevant youth issues and calling upon the participants’ affirmation on issues discussed. The expected attendance to this year’s MIYD is 200 people from 70 different countries.

An MIYD participation fee of US$150 inclusive of registration fee, twin-sharing accommodation and food shall be levied on all participants. This fee is payable in advance or on arrival.

The theme selected for MIYD 2011 is “Shaping the next generation of entrepreneurs”. This theme was selected in realization of the need to educate, train, increase awareness and to promote young innovators as a means to develop the socioeconomic factor that is amiss today. All countries are affected by an economic and social imperative to address the youth unemployment challenge faced. Therefore with the above anticipated theme, all young people, youth leaders, government and organization officers will gather to call for action in areas such as: assess the problem; tackle the problem; form partnership; focus on special needs; convey the right message; and structure experience in order to take advantage of opportunities of entrepreneurship.
1. To achieve behavior adaptation and equal access to decision making amongst youth;
2. To understand entrepreneurship, its role and contribution to the youth in their respective backgrounds;
3. To develop and explore entrepreneurial traits and skills that contribute to development;
4. To cite challenges faced by young entrepreneurs today including those encompassing gender prejudice;
5. To appraise the opportunities provided and role played by the governments, national youth councils, NGOs, and private sector;
6. To formulate the above opportunities by applying the youth experience , knowledge and expertise;
7. To generate ideas to be partnered with government, national youth councils and other organizations;
8. To improve the national and international policies governing youth entrepreneurship for the future;
9. To propose improvements to current systems of youth entrepreneurship worldwide;
10. To integrate networking, collaboration and cooperation between governments, society and private sectors to address the issue of socioeconomic development;
11. To utilize, incorporate and firm the role of the national youth councils in promoting entrepreneurial development in their respective countries.

The MIYD is organized by the World Assembly of Youth in collaboration with the Melaka State Government, Asian
Youth Council, Malaysian Youth Council and the Ministry of Youth and Sports (Malaysia).

All willing participants must fill in the online application form or Microsoft Word Format application form or Adobe
Application form also available in our website and submit the form to the organizing committee.
The MIYD participation fee of US$150 inclusive of registration fee, accommodation, food and local transportation shall be levied on all participants. Accommodation shall be based on twin sharing basis. For any other preferences there shall be an additional fee therefore, kindly contact the organizing committee.
For bank transfer, kindly remit the fee in advance to our bank account as follows and provide proof of payment of transfer;
Account Name: World Assembly of Youth
Account Number: 5040-1282-8298
Bank Name: Maybank
Branch Name: Jalan Munshi Abdullah
City: Melaka
Country: Malaysia
Payments by cash, kindly indicate on the application form for official acceptance on arrival. For other modes of payment kindly contact the Organizing Committee.


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