12th International Youth Day Celebration and Conference

Empower, lead, educate, dialogue, desire, friendship, teamwork and commitment - these are just some of the words that makes me so excited in attending the 12th International Youth Day Celebration and Conference. As early as April 2011, I already booked a flight to Iloilo City not because of any other reason but because it is still cheap. I will be flying again with Cebu Pacific Air. 

The conference programme can really give you the assurance that it will be a learning and fun-filled activity. To see the program, click and download here. For more information about the international conference, you can visit their official website.

To all my fellow youth of the Philippines and the world, let's us all take part of this year's biggest youth gathering in the Philippines. We can make a change.


  1. Thanks for this my friend. In behalf of the 12th IYD Secretariat, we will be working hard to the best of our capacity to give and share the experience that our YOUTH needs nowadays.

    To my fellow youth out there. IYD is our celebration as we commemorate the International Year of the Youth (IYY) 2010-2011. Let's do our share and make Philippines world-class.


  2. It's my pleasure to be part of that effort making the Philippines world-class. For my fellow Filipino youth, let's prepare ourselves now. We are the future today. :)


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