Ayala Young Leaders Congress 2012

AYLC is a student leadership summit participated in by 81 outstanding student leaders selected from the best colleges and universities across the country. The congress is designed to build the delegates’ confidence and hone their leadership skills, to nurture commitment to integrity and principled leadership, to foster nationalism and idealism, and to encourage faithful stewardship of their communities and the country’s future.

The four-day congress features talks, outdoor activities, plenary sessions and workshop group discussions. Well-known and highly respected leaders from government, civil society, business, the arts, media and entertainment share their own leadership stories and experiences and challenge participants’ perspectives and paradigms. Outdoor challenges develop a sense of self-efficacy, trust and teamwork among the participants and help build a community of learning that will be sustained after the congress. Small group workshops internalize learning and insights and plan application of learning.

After the congress, participants are expected to undertake a change project within one year after the congress guided by a chosen mentor. The congress gives participants an opportunity to network with their peers and develop bonds of mutual respect that will be sustained over the course of their lifetimes and as they assume positions of responsibility in government, private, and the social sectors. Their shared commitment to integrity and national development gives rise to productive dialogue and cooperation. AYLC alumni are envisioned to become a collective and powerful catalyst for change and national renewal. (http://www.ayalayoungleaders.ph)

All young Filipino student leaders I say is really inspired to be part of this congress. I've heard a lot of good things about this congress. From their site down to the alumni of the said congress, I'm so proud of those people who have gone to AYLC. 

This year, Sandra Jane Soon, IE-4 of CIT University is one of the proud participants of the coming AYLC 2012. I'm proud of you! Technologians are proud of you! 

For more information about the AYLC 2012, visit http://www.ayalayoungleaders.ph/


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