Green Thumb Eco Conference 2012

Parrot’s Beak Social Enterprises, a social enterprise that promotes environmental stewardship, in cooperation with eVentures Management and Marketing Services, an events management team with a heart for the country, is holding a national student conference dubbed as GREEN THUMB ECO CONFERENCE (GTEC) 2012 on January 21, at Far Eastern University in Manila.

Green Thumb Eco Conference shall be a gathering of young students bringing them at the forefront of environmental protection advocacies. Undoubtedly, we have arrived at a time when environmental sustainability should be a way of life of every nation. The youth, which constitutes a great portion of the Filipino population, must be the prime stakeholders in promoting a culture of environmental stewardship. To be effective stewards for the environment, the educated young people must be equipped with the knowledge about the status quo, grounding them with the facts of today, and empowered about and armored with what they can do individually and collectively as a powerful sector to salvage our One Planet, all for our future. 

As an eco conference, it aims to bring together young idealistic students no matter how ‘innocent or ‘naive’’ they maybe about the issues and challenges facing our environment, in one convergence with existing and practicing environmentalists. It shall feature interesting and engaging platform discussions with deepening sessions through small group and breakout sessions. The framework is rather simplistic yet effective and reflective, starting from the self going out to the community (and school) and ultimately, to the nation and the world.

For more information about the conference, visit their facebook page at GTEC 2012


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