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Bayani Challenge 2012

Every year since 2006, we have staged the Bayani Challenge, a 5-day test of courage, endurance and love for country. Teams of 15 people go on an adventure to plant hope on ground by building communities and fostering friendships that are critical to nation-building. 

The urgent call of building this nation will be answered once again this April 9-14. This year’s Bayani Challenge will gather volunteers not only in one but in FIVE provinces around the country. “PILIPINAS, NGAYON NA!” will challenge more volunteers to change lives, bring hope to others, and build sustainable communities in Cagayan de Oro, Iligan, Masbate, Mindoro Occidental and two areas in Negros Oriental (Dumaguete and Amlan). We invite you take this unique opportunity as an individual or as a group of 15 (or more). Register online and choose among the following activities:

1.Building of homes 
Build an actual home for a family and experience everything from laying the foundation, attaching the roof, painting the walls, a…

Unilab Ideas Positive!

Calling college kids! Help transform communities with the Filipino youth
Young minds coming together can spark great ideas.
Believing in the youth’s ideas and their desire to make a positive difference, Unilab Ideas Positive, a social marketing clinic and competition-in-one, provides a venue for college students to share their innovative and sustainable ideas to address the health and wellness concerns of their communities—and turn those ideas into reality.
To help the youth turn their ideas into concrete health and wellness programs for their communities, Unilab Ideas Positive provides them with:
• a 3-day social marketing boot camp, where they learn and understand social marketing approaches from a pool of experts using current and relevant social marketing practices and case studies, and • a seed money so they can implement their social marketing programs within six months. Now on its third year, Unilab Ideas Positive gets even better with a focus not only on positive ideas, but also …