2012 World Environment Day Contest

How to Enter:
  • Click on “Add New Project
  • Upload your project description and any supporting material such as photos, videos, word documents, and/or PowerPoint presentation.
  • Enter contest by clicking the Contest button on your project’s page.
  • Any number of projects can be entered into contest.
Contest Eligibility:
  • Any student, teacher, class, or school across the globe participating in an environmental activity that involves students ages 4-18 (grades K-12).
Entries will be judged based on:
  • Purpose & Goal - 
  • The purpose and goals of the project are defined in the project description.
  • Documentation - 
  • The project provides corresponding documentation photos, videos, word documents, and/or Power Point presentations to enhance their project description.
  • Student Involvement - 
  • The project is learner-centered with students taking the lead in design and implementation as appropriate.
  • Education - 
  • The project helps to educate a group or community.
  • Collaboration - 
  • Participants worked with individuals or groups outside of their classroom or organization.
  • Innovation & Creativity - 
  • The project approaches an environmental problem/issue in a new or novel way.
  • Environmental Consideration - 
  • Participants consider the environment in the development of the project.
  • Outcome - 
  • The project meets the goals of the participants and reports successes, impacts of their project, and/or lessons learned.
  • Every Country will have a Winning Project! Represent your Country and our World.
  •   Winners be recognized in conjunction with the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in June 2012, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Winners will be recognized by global environmental leaders and leaders from their own country in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The winners will also be featured in global press releases, the Project Earth Newsletter, and the 2012 World Environment Day Winners page on www.ProjectEarth.net.
  • National Geographic Interactive Intelliglobe will be awarded to the Project Earth member that connects and collaborates the most with other Project Earth members.
Contact Email: admin@Projectearth.net
Schools with Students Ages 4 -18:  Share your environmental efforts onwww.ProjectEarth.net and enter your project into the Project Earth 2012 World Environment Day Contest!


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