iPhone 5 Philippines Postpaid and Prepaid Revealed

Our anticipated iPhone 5 postpaid availability in the Philippines can be predicted. Well, it can’t be denied for a report that we (Philippines) have one of the highest numbers in Internet usage and social media. Indeed, Philippines is a digital literate country. According to Singapore-based research firm GfK, Philippines is now considered as the fastest-growing market for smartphones in Southeast Asia, with a staggering 326% increase in smartphone sales over the last 12 months. 

With Interaksyon news on New Iphone to support Smart, Globe LTE on 1800 mHz, nano sims ready with Globe and Smart, plus Globe’s “pre-registration” of consumers “who wants an iPhone 5” that says: 

our most wanted smartphone as what my previous blog says is within reach but the question is how much and when? One thing is for sure, we want it within our budget and of course, as soon as possible ‘cause we are truly mad about the iphone 5. To make it easier for you, we have here compiled information of how much will the iPhone 5 costs in both postpaid and prepaid. 

Unli LTE Plan 2500: 2.5GB bandwidth per month, 150 free minutes, 200 free SMS, free iPhone 5 @ Php2,500 MSF

Unli LTE Plan 3000: 5GB bandwidth per month, 200 free minutes, 240 free SMS, free iPhone 5 @ Php3,000 MSF

Unli LTE Plan 3500: 10GB bandwidth per month, 400 free minutes, 300 free SMS, free iPhone 5 @ Php3,500 MSF

LTE free at UnliData Plan 2000 with 1.5GB/month for only Php 2,000.
Plan 999 – P23,976 cashout
Plan 1799 – P11,000 cashout
Plan 2499 – FREE
Plan 3799 – FREE
Plan 5000 – FREE

Plan 999 – P30,299 cashout
Plan 1799 – P16,000 cashout
Plan 2499 – P4,800 cashout
Plan 3799 – FREE
Plan 5000 – FREE

Plan 999 – P35,299 cashout
Plan 1799 – P22,000 cashout
Plan 2499 – P10,080 cashout
Plan 3799 – P4,800 cashout
Plan 5000 – FREE

Several sources also estimated that prepaid non-contract iphone 5 is rated as follows:

Reference 1
Reference 2
iPhone 5 16GB
Php 37,690
Php 33,000 to Php 37,000
iPhone 5 32GB
Php 43,490
Php 38,000 to Php 42,000
iPhone 5 64GB
Php 49,290
Php 43,000 to Php 49,000

So, what is it then? Postpaid or prepaid? I hope this article helped us.


  1. great reference of price you have thanks for sharing.. you might also take a look of this price comparing of iphone 5

    iPhone 5 16G

    iPhone 32 16G


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