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iPhone 5 iOS Review

After 2 months of chasing, Apple’s iPhone 5 is finally on hand. This device is just so awesome: fast, light, thin and good display. I can’t say it’s faster, lighter, thinner and better display because it’s my first iPhone and I’m just glad that of all the 6 iPhone generations, it’s iPhone 5 who welcomed me to join the gang.  

As of this writing, I’m celebrating the 1st mensiversary with my iPhone 5. Indeed, a great phone that satisfies me. It may limit me to some basic functionality of a phone but it gives me a lot of reasons to say that indeed, this is my best phone ever. Talking about the things I can’t do anymore in iphone that I can do before with my previous old phones (not even an Android) are the following:
Creating a group I’m fond of creating groups and assigning my contacts to their respective group/s. Without any third-party application or configuration, iPhone 5 can’t create a custom group that I want. There is literally a GROUP that iphone presents but those are I believe a…

Google Maps in iOS?

Like any other apple user, I'm waiting for Google's app Map in AppStore. Fortunately here's I got:

Can somebody explain this?