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iOS 7.0.2 [Photo]

Just got the iOS 7? Its latest update is ready for download.

iPhone 5s Philippines

iPhone 5s, like its twin-launched iPhone 5c is now in the Philippines. Starting at P37,900, P43,500 and P53,800 for the 16GB space gray, silver and gold respectively, Kimstore does have the cheapest iPhone 5s around. The latter two prices may sound like high but taking into consideration the demand for these colors, savers might consider picking it up from either Globe or Smart during the rumored December launching.
If you know of any store that sells iPhone 5s with starting prices lower than that of Kimstore, please comment below.

International Coastal Clean-Up Day

It’s been a while since my last community activity. Growing up in college, I always get to involve myself on those types of activities two to thrice a month. Now in the Accenture world, I’m happy because groups like BP2B or Best Place to Be gave me the opportunity to be with the community again to do something productive.
Sept 21 marked the 28th International Coastal Clean-Up Day in Mactan Shrine. With the support of the local government of Lapu-lapu City, private and public organizations, I can say the event was truly a success.
With the monitoring tool provided by the organizers, I can truly assume that they are serious with the activity. Common things our group has come across are the following: plastics, may it be junkfood or candy wrappers, diapers, napkins, liquor bottles and debris of fishing equipment. Unusual founds like shoes, slippers, tshirts and shorts were also spotted – leading us to fool ourselves that there might be someone who was killed.
Kidding aside, the activity was…

iPhone 5c in the Philippines

Just a couple of days after the iPhone 5c launch by Apple, Filipinos can now get the heavily-rumored, now a reality cheaper iPhone. Last Thursday, Kimstore, in their facebook page posted that the iPhone 5c is now available. 
Priced at P28,180.00, I can say it's the right deal for people excited to get the colorful iPhone. Kimstore confirmed that stocks will arrive by Tuesday, Sept 24, 2013. 
Kimstore can be trusted With 2 transactions I had with the online gadget store, I consider it as the only source of original, affordable smartphones in the PH internet world. 
Contact Kimstore now using only the numbers reflected in the image above. 
Are you getting the iPhone 5c via phone plan? Then let December come. :)

iOS 7: Biggest iOS change, ever.

Updated last September 12, 2013, I have more or less 7 days observing the new iOS 7 running on my iPhone 5. Yes, September 12, 2013. Maybe you'll ask if it's the illegal version or the version that I have to pay to have it in advance. All I can say is NO. As I was browsing the net, I come across this site. I was convinced that it was the GM (Gold Master) Release so I hurriedly connected my iPhone 5 to my 13" Macbook Air 2013. And to make the story short, I had the iOS 7 officially 2:22AM of September 13, 2013. 
First Impression The first observation I had with the iOS 7 are "bigger icons" in the home screen. I don't know if it holds true to everyone but it was the first thought I had during that moment. Next thing I tested was the Control Center, the Android-like shortcut panel where I can turn on/off Wifi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, Rotation Lock and Night Mode. Music player, screen brightness, flashlight, clock, calculator and the camera join the list of thin…

iOS 7 Sept 19 1AM Philippines

Hours from now, iOS 7, dubbed as the mobile OS from a whole new perspective will be available for download. Sources are saying that it will be released Sept 18, 2013, 10AM in Cupertino, California. In the Philippines, it will be 1AM of Sept 19, 2013. To update, go to Settings->General->Software Update. Do you like the new iOS 7 design and new features? Comment below.

iPhone 5s/5c Philippines

Wondering of the $99, $199 pricing in the Apple Online Stores? Definitely that's not the price for us here in PH. Maybe this time you're also figuring out between getting a prepaid or postpaid iPhone 5s/5c, don't worry cause this article is just right for you.

~ Postpaid Globe, Smart. Yes, the two network giants are the websites we are always checking for any announcement. Admit it! Haha. Basing on Apple's official event last Sept 10 in California, new iPhones 5s/5c will be fully available by December, that includes Philippines. Yes more or less 3 months. December 2nd week is my guesstimate. Updates will soon be posted if available. 
~ Prepaid  With T-Mobile offering it's unlocked versions of the iPhones, fanboys basing outside US and those countries debuting on Sept 20 or earlier can now order for the much-anticipated Apple iPhone 5s/5c. Say in US, if you have relatives or friends there, you can order online using your or parent's credit card and point that sh…