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Osmeña Peak Cebu Dalaguete

For a long time, O'Peak is in my bucket list. Looking at friends' photos, O'Peak is undeniably a must-visit. 'Til one Saturday came, I had the chance to experience it in realtime. Thanks to my adventurous non-APEC friends. (?) 
We drove from Cebu City to Dalaguete for two hours. You may also take the public bus via Cebu South Bus Teminal (Sibonga-Bato route). You may stop at McDonald's Carcar City for your breakfast.
By 7AM, we're ready to take "habal-habal" from the main road to the O'Peak assembly area. We parked our car in the Barangay Hall of Mantalungon. Others managed to drive until the parking area near the assembly but I trusted locals' recommendation of not doing it, thus habal-habal for Php 100.00, vice versa. 
Yes, we didn't wear any protective gears like helmet. We just trusted the driver to bring us safely despite very rough inclined roads. We enlisted ourselves in the guest list in this sari-sari store. It's free and it'…

Why I'm skipping iPhone 6s Plus

It was iPhone 5 who welcomed me to the Apple world. Indeed, it overwhelmed me. I can still remember my struggle waiting for that iPhone to finally come to the Philippines. November 2012 came and I got it thru one of the local stores in Cebu, selling that time in not so good price.
iPhone 5s came. I realized iPhone without internet doesn't serve much its purpose so I was able to get it from Globe November 2013 too. Whoa, Touch ID is so cool! 
Then comes the size evolution of iPhone from 4" to 4.7" for iPhone 6 and 5.5" for iPhone 6 Plus. Obviously I got the bigger one because of display, camera and battery. It was huge for my hand for the first few days, but I got used to it. 
6S and 6S Plus may rumored to have Force Touch, the feature that I have in my Apple Watch, to change watch face among other things; speed, camera and battery boost. Add the #bendgate solution. Well, these are pretty given for any annual update. Right? Force touch maybe pretty good addition but it&…