Osmeña Peak Cebu Dalaguete

For a long time, O'Peak is in my bucket list. Looking at friends' photos, O'Peak is undeniably a must-visit. 'Til one Saturday came, I had the chance to experience it in realtime. Thanks to my adventurous non-APEC friends. (?) 

We drove from Cebu City to Dalaguete for two hours. You may also take the public bus via Cebu South Bus Teminal (Sibonga-Bato route). You may stop at McDonald's Carcar City for your breakfast.

By 7AM, we're ready to take "habal-habal" from the main road to the O'Peak assembly area. We parked our car in the Barangay Hall of Mantalungon. Others managed to drive until the parking area near the assembly but I trusted locals' recommendation of not doing it, thus habal-habal for Php 100.00, vice versa. 

Yes, we didn't wear any protective gears like helmet. We just trusted the driver to bring us safely despite very rough inclined roads. We enlisted ourselves in the guest list in this sari-sari store. It's free and it's a good starter for our trek. Roland, our kid guide, seems to be very excited as well! 

On our trek we spotted locals farming the lands, harvesting and fetching water. 

Indeed, O'Peak gives us a breather. A relief from daily work routines. 

By lunch, we drove to the next municipality, Alcoy in locals' recommended BBB Bodo's Bamboo Bar and Resto. 

Tumalog Falls was up next but unfortunately, it's close due to some reasons. We postulated that it's related to APEC (haha). We decided to go to the world-famous whale shark watching but still, it's close. Operations starts 6AM - 12:30PM only. Maybe APEC-related too, maybe not. 

We stopped at the Beer Garden's dollar rates food and services. Nonetheless, we had fun trying our billiard skills and karaoke sessions to put off the sleepy heads. 

Home sweet home. 


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