Why I'm skipping iPhone 6s Plus

It was iPhone 5 who welcomed me to the Apple world. Indeed, it overwhelmed me. I can still remember my struggle waiting for that iPhone to finally come to the Philippines. November 2012 came and I got it thru one of the local stores in Cebu, selling that time in not so good price.

iPhone 5s came. I realized iPhone without internet doesn't serve much its purpose so I was able to get it from Globe November 2013 too. Whoa, Touch ID is so cool! 

Then comes the size evolution of iPhone from 4" to 4.7" for iPhone 6 and 5.5" for iPhone 6 Plus. Obviously I got the bigger one because of display, camera and battery. It was huge for my hand for the first few days, but I got used to it. 

6S and 6S Plus may rumored to have Force Touch, the feature that I have in my Apple Watch, to change watch face among other things; speed, camera and battery boost. Add the #bendgate solution. Well, these are pretty given for any annual update. Right? Force touch maybe pretty good addition but it's something that is not critical to iPhone's daily life. 

I believe iPhone 6 Plus will still deliver what it promised, thanks to iOS 9 for fixes on features that really matter and its all new Proactive, the feature I love in Android (Google Now). 

Yeah, basically I'm not trading my iPhone 6 Plus for the S version except for one major condition: I should not lose money if I go for it. And that is very unlikely here in PH. 

See you 2016 for iPhone 7. It sounds too long already. Maybe iPhone Air is in the pipeline. 


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