iPhone 7 Philippines

iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus finally hit some stores already but not yet for Philippines. As Filipino fanboy, it hurts me the most.

“Who are in the US right now?” “Why didn’t I schedule my SG trip on a September?”

Stuff like that pops up in my head every time a new iPhone is released since iPhone 5. Yes, I have the 5, 5s and the 6 Plus, skipped the 6s plus and now waiting for a very good deal on iPhone 7 Plus. By history, new iPhones should be available in Smart and Globe November 1st or 2nd week but obviously, I hate the waiting game, especially on the new Matt Black iPhone 7 Plus.

Why not iPhone 7? Cause camera. Dual. Big. Yes!

I almost gave in on a deal, P47,500 iPhone 7 Plus 32GB from Singapore via a new-found friend but I said No. In our company, Smart and Globe did offer the newest mobile phones, including Note 7, Samsung S7s, iPhone 6s/6s Plus at a very friendly price and I’m convinced they will do the same thing for iPhone 7. Why? Let’s do the math.

Note 7 is offered at P1,200 (unlimited data, some text and call) at P600.00 cashout on a 30 month contract. That’s P36,600, compared to buying the Note 7 unlocked at maybe around that price still but you don’t get the unlimited data.

Now, if Note 7 and iPhone 7/7 Plus have the same price point, the expected offer should not be far from that, right?


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