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mi band 2 review

I have this obsession with Fit bands, yes, not FIT only but fit bands. One of your 2017 goals may be more fit, and just like you, I want to and I want to couple it with having a fit band. Now, I will share to you my review on mi Band 2.
Unlike Apple Watch Series 1 and Atmos Fit I owned before, it is relatively smaller. Display screen OLED is also smaller, but a great addition compared to the first iteration. The companion app of mi Band 2 feels better than Atmos Fit too, you can set alarm, configure display notifications, measure the heart rate, can sync Health data in iPhone. It promises to alert you if you’re idle, for an hour. You can also set if you’re running or in a tread mill. Wisely, Xiaomi proactively put delay incoming call alerts starts with 3 seconds, this is the thing I don’t love about them. If I have to be ideal about this, the moment it reaches phone, it should reach at the same with all other wearables. But other notifications seems to differ with 1 sec only. Yes, yo…