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Road Trip Cebu Dumaguete Bacolod 1/2

From Bohol, Camiguin and North Cebu trip as choices, we ended up road tripping South Cebu, Dumaguete then Bacolod City. I’ve been always jealous of those activities involving Negros Island. Apo Island’s turtlespicturesque sandbars of ManjuyodLakawon Island’s floating bar, Bacolod’s tasty desserts and chicken are some of the reasons #whyNegros.

From Cebu City, we drove to Samboan via Barili for 3-4 hours trip. It was my first time to drive passing Badian, Cebu’s home to canyoneering and Kawasan Falls. We drop by Alegria. Indeed, that’s the only place worth stopping by or no? (After this whole trip, we found out we missed Fantasy Lodge Cebu).

Not familiar with the place, I stopped at the first sea port I came into. For P400, Lite Shipping will take two passengers and the car. Good deal, so we hop in! It was car’s first time and I can never be worried with Lite Shipping.
After around an hour of trip sleeping, we arrived at Bato, Sibulan. Tummies asked for breakfast so we drove to San Ri…