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Fiveolous Celebration

Today's itinerary includes island hopping on South Sand Bar and snorkeling in the famous Olango Island.

Call time for the group was 6AM so we can head early to Marigondon Port where our rented boat, courtesy of AquaPhil, is waiting. Instead of preparing food for our meals for this trip, we decided to buy fastfood and hanging rice aka "puso" and lechon and some junk foods for snacks. Take note,don't forget to pack some water too to keep you hydrated when going for island hopping as your destination might not have available water for sale. As for us, we brought soft drinks & a galloon of water, just enough for the 6 of us.

We arrived at the port around 7:30am so we immediately headed for South Sand Bar. This tiny little sandbar, according to google, is part of Bohol already that is why travel time usually takes over an hour. Don't expect some snorkeling and the likes though as the place is ideal for a little swim-here-and-there, but picturesque enough to feed on …